Security Careers

Security Career Training in London


Key Response Officer

As a key response officer you will provide ongoing checks on various locations. You may also manage alarm system control rooms.  more  

Front of House Officer

As a front of house officer you will meet and greet visitors and provide a great customer experience.   more  

Distribution Security Officer

As a distribution security officer you will create a safe working environment as well as meet and assist customers.  more  

Corporate Security Officer

Corporate security officers manage the safety and security of a particular company and their place of work.  more  

Control Room Operator

Control room operators manage alarm systems, monitor CCTV and fulfil administration.  more  

Close Protection Officer

As a close protection officer, you will protect an assigned person from any harm. You will be able to defuse unsafe situations, spot danger and act professionally.  more  

Area Relief Security Officer

As an area relief security officer, you will join security teams when you are needed. You will provide relief and assist your security team in managing your assigned location.  more  

ARC Operator

As an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) operator you will manage and verify incoming CCTV alarms as well as respond to customers.  more  

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